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Book an appointment
June 2024
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Welcome to our booking appointment system!

Here you have a small guide of how to book your days of diving with us. The process is very simple, and it won’t take you more than a minute.

1. Choose the day:

If you place the cursor over the chosen day, you will see the number of spaces available for that day.

2. Click on the day:

Click on the day and then click again on “Book Appointment”.

3. Fill up the required fields:

Please provide your name, email, course or trip that you are interested in, and the number of divers/spaces you want to book. And click on “Request Appointment”.

4. Confirmation message:

All done! Once you send the appointment request the system will inform you that your message has been successfully sent and we will send you an email to double-check.

Please note**

Booking through this platform must be with at least one week in advance. For bookings with less than a week, please contact us.

Since the moment you sent us the appointment, your spaces in the boat will be locked for you during the process of booking. ( No other person will be able to take your slot ).

Deposit fee must be completed with at least 2 days before the chosen day or the booking will be considered canceled. (we will provide all the details by email. Don´t worry, will be so easy!).